Welcome to  the 1st Arkansas Volunteer Infantry Regiment 


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A  group of Arkansas Living Historians that accurately portray an

American Civil War Federal unit from 1861-1865.


The  1st Arkansas US is made up of over 20 members dedicated to the common goal of preserving the history of the Civil War era. This is done through educating the public about this most critical period in the development of our nation through accurate and realistic portrayals of soldiers and civilians of that time period.

The unit itself is made up of an elected  Captain and NCO's who oversee the basic workings of the group.  Other members serve on committees such as Recruitment, Historical, Authenticity, and Civilian affairs.

We are the only Federal Infantry unit in Arkansas.

About the Hobby of Reenacting

Although the hobby of reenacting has been around for a number of years, recent developments in research have made it possible for those interested in making history "come alive" to portray the lives of our forefathers with unprecedented realism and accuracy. The first Civil War reenactors used hunting rifles, and wore blue jeans and cowboy hats; today, men and women can become outfitted with fully authentic equipment- from uniforms and weaponry, to sewing kits and kitchen supplies. These fortunate developments have made the hobby even more exciting and enjoyable for those interested in authenticity and historical accuracy.

If you are interested in joining our group of living historians or would possibly like us to do a demonstration for your school or other civic function, please feel free to contact us.  We are currently located in Little Rock, Arkansas and can be contacted via email, [email protected].


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