Welcome to  the 1st Arkansas Volunteer Infantry Regiment 


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Well we just wrap up our Winter/Spring 2019 Season. 

A "Rainy Season," is what I would call it. Some events cancelled and some that turned into a mud feast! 

I want to say thank you to all who came out and supported our unit this past reenacting season.

Our Yearly Company Meeting has been posted! 

Well with winter ending we have several events for the 2019 reenacting spring season. Be sure to  mark your calendar's down! Come out and join us!

Just had our yearly meeting! Elections and new 2018-2019 schedule posted! 

Officer and NCO's for 2018-2019

Capt: William Hardage

1st Sgt. Jason Brasfield

2nd Sgt. Tom Glass

Cpl. Phil Varnell

The new 2018 1st Arkansas US Regimental Flag!

Posted August 26th, 2017

Our first event for the 2017-2018 re-enactment season is the Hot Spring County Fair in Malvern, Arkansas.
The date is Sept 8-9, 2017.
Location: Hot Spring Fairground off Hwy 270 East.
This type of event is part of the Hot Spring County Fair that will be going on.
This will be a living history type event.
If you plan to camp out, you can setup early Thursday Night on Sept 7th. The gates open at 8 am and close at 10 pm.
Saturday, Sept 9th we will conduct company drill and prepare for the upcoming season.
Please bring powder to shoot.
On Saturday we will conduct a short meeting to discuss upcoming events and current re-enacting business.
Any questions please let me know,
Capt. W. Hardage
1st Arkansas US

Posted up July 8th, 2017

Men and women of the 1st Ark US,
I had the pleasure to attend the Arkansas Civil War Reenactors Calendar Conference today in Little Rock.

We had close to 30 people show up today. This was very exciting to see. Good team work between the 1st Michigan and 1st Arkansas!

Representation was: 1st Arkansas US, 2nd Arkansas CSA, 3rd Arkansas CSA, 1st Michigan Artillery, Ouachita County Historical Society, Prairie Grove State Park, North East History Association, Prairie De Ann Battlefield, Friends of Jenkins Ferry, and Reeds Bridge.

It was a very productive meeting and I have attached the Calendar that was created today. I have highlighted the ones that we are going to and the ones that are new that I would like for us to consider going to if possible.

Capt. W. Hardage
1st Arkansas US

Posted August 10th, 2017


Just wanted to let everyone know that I have our new unit
T-shirts. I can mail them to you or you can get it next time I see you.Just let me know.

$12 for Small to Large
$13 X-large
$14 XXL to XXXXL.

Posted July 22nd, 2017

Capt. William Hardage/ Kayla had their first Son 
Pvt. Henry James Hardage showing of his new forage cap. 

Posted June 27, 2017.

Just wanted to to let everyone know what the results of the the yearly meeting.

We had over 20 members present for the meeting..
Old Business from the past events was discussed and approved.
Loaner gear: We can outfit 7 new members in the group.
Bank account and website approved.

I have posted up our current July 1st 2017-June 30th 2018 schedule

Unit voted to change the current name to the 1st Arkansas US Volunteer Infantry Regiment

We will no longer be the 9th Wisconsin.

(This means that the standard federal impression is a forage cap and sack coat, Frocks and black plain slouch hats are acceptable. No dressed hardee hats anymore.)

Election results for July 1st 2017-June 30th 2018
Capt. William Hardage
1st Sergeant Jason Brasfield
2nd Sergeant Arthur Eschenburg

Many changes to the bylaws. I have attached the current approved copy.

I want to say thank you to all who made the meeting and to the ones who contact me and expressed their concerns about the future of the unit that could not make the meeting.

If you have not paid your dues for this next year please contact me.

I will be updating our facebook pages and our website with the new changes.

Any other questions please contact me.

Capt. W.Hardage
1st Arkansas US INF